Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So Thirty is quickly approaching. I am trying to get some party details worked out and then I am gonna get the house ready for my homies who are coming from NM, CO, AZ, and OR! I thank God for my friends because they are all unique and awesome! I can't wait to meet the new additions to our clans!!!
So I have been calling some restuarants to have a cocktail party and dinner. I have also been trying to get some flowers and maybe a cake too. But mostly I have been at the gym everyday. It is good for the kiddos too! I try to go when other kids will be in the Child Watch while I work out. I am meeting other moms and dads too! But mostly I listen to Michael Franti and workout.

I have decided to start writing about the Menu at the end of the week once we make the actual meals. I am doing this because my hinny is a great chef and so sometimes we might feel like something easier or different, and he will just whip up something tasty! Plus, we are shopping for our produce through a CSA and they choose your "basket" every week; which means that we have to plan our meals around what we are getting from their greenhouses and co-ops.
We are also getting our garden ready in the back yard. I wish I could have some chickens.

Tell your friends about me!

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