Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Monday

Our family tries to eat local and healthy. We have been creating our menus for a few years now because it lets us try new things, keeps us organized and not stressed about meals, helps me journal my food to watch my weight, and we both love to cook, so why not.
We just joined Los Poblanos Organics CSA Program. My kids and I started going down to their lavendar field in the North Valley, and quickly became a fan of their fields and animals!
So now we plan our menus based on whats in the "box" that we pick up on Monday afternoons.
Los Poblanos Organics
Harvest Box for February 1-3rd
Week #5

Red Cabbage
2 lbs Mixed Potatoes
4 D’Anjou Pears
1/2 lb Baby Arugula
2 Avocados
Red Leaf Lettuce
1.25 lbs Cucumbers
Satsuma Tangerines
2 lbs Fuji Apples

MONDAY: ALYSON'S GREEN PIZZA WITH HOMEMADE PESTO AND PIZZA CRUST. I added caramelized onions and garlic to the veggies.
TUESDAY: One Pot Meal: Chicken, Dill, Feta, Lemons, Orzo
WEDNESDAY: Tuna Melt & Clam Chowder
THURSDAY: Loaded Salad with cucumbers, pears, arugula, red leaf, spring mix, avocados and walnuts
FRIDAY: Soy Ginger Chicken with Brown Rice (CROCKPOT)
SATURDAY: Roasted Winter Vegetable Gratin and a loaded Salad

I am baking chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, healthy breakfast carrot muffins with oats, wheat germ, and flours, and pizza crust this week.


  1. Hell made the "Green Pizza"! Did you like it? I'm so glad you have a blog and that we can share ideas with each other. I love and miss you guys!

  2. i loved it, as you know because i talked to you recently!!!