Monday, February 8, 2010


What a crazy week!!! I actually interacted with tons of adults this week! I am learning how to talk to big people again! I spent Tuesday and Wednesday working out at the gym and preparing for a crazy weekend.
Then I spent Thursday through Saturday at ABQ Florist for the Valentine's Holiday. It was so great to hang out with ladies, and talented ones too. I saw many arrangements and corsages go outta that shop this weekend, and am so impressed with the ladies who work there on a daily basis. Plus we had a delicious pot luck and have fun getting ready for a crazy week.
Saturday was crazy because I had to work at the flower shop and then bar tend at the end of the night. Thankfully Andrew and Jaime are fun to work with, although they were "grumpy" that I brought some pretty flowers with me. And good thing it was busy because it gave me some money to spend at the employee party!
So SuperBowl Sunday is always the employee party, where we pot luck and party like those in the business do! A little gambling and a few shots of tequila along with some good friends, food and football...what a day. And thanks to my mom and sister (and dad and nephew too) who watched Elias and Lucia so we could go party...Arm Pump!
This morning was crazy getting up, but, coffee, two gym sessions, and some good home cooking have got me through!
One Love...

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