Sunday, January 31, 2010

turning thirty

I really turn thirty in 6 weeks. I am not counting or dreading it. I am looking forward to the big rager we are gonna be having. ABQ crew and OR friends...good times, good times.

I Bartend at night

I work at Monte Vista on Saturday nights to make some cash and get in a few hours of adult time...hmm is it really adult time when you are the sober one making the drinks for all the partiers? although these conversations tend to be funnier.
lets see, Anthony reminded me about the time he trimmed his nose hairs and told me about it.
Katie, a new friend talked to me about rings and babies.
Interesting...and a live band!

The First One

Yes! I have some time to start journaling. I am excited to be doing this in front of everyone. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.
Happy Days
Jessica Chapman Swan