Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Fun!

So obviously I have had a wonderful birthday because it has taken me until now to write about it.
First gotta give a shout out to mom and dad for having me! Then a big thank you to me for staying alive and living this wonderful life! Then who would I be without all my crazy friends and family (they are crazy too, even my in laws!)
We had a wonderful dinner for 16 at Seasons. The same week an article was published about how Seasons is expensive, but so worth it for that special occasion. And it was.
I started the month off with some good cocktails at the bar (which is a rare occasion with two little ones). Then my sisters and mama and I went to the spa to be pampered with Aveda products for 3 hours!
Finally it was time to bake and get the house ready for all the out-of-towners coming in to have a birthday weekend!
The old Burque Crew goes way back to when I was underage and drinking! Jumping off roofs, water fights, BBQ's, shoulders to cry on, Halloween Parties, Thanksgiving in Angel Fire, NY, Taos, Phoenix, Denver, Bend, Ft. Collins...the list goes on. My friends like to laugh, party, and make memories!
My birthday was no exception! Late night at Monte Vista, hiking, breakfast, Apples to Apples, wine, Dave cooking dinner, and partying for my birthday (although I made an early exit that night if you know what I mean! Too much Crown, but from what I remember a freaking great time!
Then my brothers from other mothers showed up for the Seasons dinner too!
The icing was topped off when the Larkins, our homies from our Bend years decided to come and visit and party with us for my 30th.
The Larkins stayed with us for a week, so we were busy hanging out with our good friends, and then recovering from all of this too!!! Which is why I haven't blogged
in a few! I have been busy getting back to the gym, planning menus, baking, and hanging with the kiddos. Then my mother in law came to stay and visit for a day! So it has been busy in the house.
Starting to get motivated to garden! And make baby announcements for Baby Girl. I am also trying to find some photog jobs for the Larkins when they come out in June.
My hubby is recovering from a broken wrist. Its been four weeks. At least he still feels good enough to party and take care of his drunk wifey!
I am looking forward to my bath! And a few more spa days :)

I have some great menus from the last few to post soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Week!!!

Whoa, last week flew by!!! It started on Monday night with a delicious carne avada at our friends, and ended with Elias bumping his head. So both of my men were hurt. Which meant more mothering and loving than cooking this last week.
I love being able to make David smile and help him deal with the pain of a broken wrist. And my hito, well I would rather him not be hurt, but, I am so glad I can calm him. Plus I took Lucia for her 9 month check up. She was supposed to get shots, but since she doesn't do all those vaccines in her little body, I really didn't need to take her, and she ended up getting sick (or teething)! Dirty Doctors Office.

Thank goodness our veggie/fruit box from our CSA was still delicious!

Monday-Carne Avada, Calabacitas, Frijoles
Tuesday-Mexican Leftovers!!!
Wednesday-EggBake with hashed browns, spinach, cooking greens, eggs, sharp cheddar, red bells, and onions
Thursday-Spinach and Mixed Green Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and Chicken
Friday-Brown Rice, Bok Choy, Carrots and Salmon with soy sauce
Saturday-BBQ at Nicoles
Sunday-Wheat Pasta with Zuchini, Eggplant, tomatoes, and mozzerella

I made a big batch of carrot muffins, with apples and zuchini and wheat germ. they will make a good breakfast snack for us this week and next week when our friends come to town!!