Monday, May 10, 2010

Men and Menus

A few thoughts on my relationship. I love my husband, but he needs to grow up! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with his childish, selfish ways that I want to go away! For days, weeks, maybe longer! Really I love him, and I know he reads my blog too, but acting like a responsible, caring, nurturing husband and father is the standard. I am not accepting less.
Sometimes I think, maybe all the mamas should live together and raise kids. We just would go party with the daddies on occasion, they would do the shopping (based off our wonderful lists that we create), and we would get massages from them and then have sex. That all sounds kinda nice to me!
So with all of that, last week was rough. Thank goodness Negra Modelo and Pinot Noir got me through it! I stayed with the kiddos during the beginning of the week, then worked my butt off for the rest of it. Today is definetly a day outside in the garden and playing catch with hito and baby girl.
I have been rethinking the whole business venture...makes you wonder!

So this last week we had some tasty veggies from LPO. We are gonna start ordering more of our staples from them! All local and organic!

Dave planned the menu this week! We try to share menu planning and cooking jobs and even cook together when the kiddos will let us!
Monday Lemon Chicken with steamed arugula and lemon couscous
Tuesday Coconut Red Curry with Shrimp, papas, g. beans and onions
Wednesday Green Chile, Spinach, Mushroom And Cheese Enchiladas with slow cooked beans
Thursday Spicy Red Pepper Sauce and Fettucini noodles
Friday Orange and Grapefruit Salad with Chicken and Cilantro Yogurt Dressing (YUM!)
Saturday BBQ AT Ryans (Dave's Drinking buddy)
Sunday Cheese and Cracker Plate with grapes and carrots
Ribs and Cole Slaw

I baked some peanut butter oat cookies with dark chocolate chips. Then for a special treat I topped with some H&D Vanilla Bean ice cream! The kiddos love them!

Patience and Inner Peace for all who seek it :)

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  1. I hear you sister! I miss you terribly! I want your green chile enchiladas! YUMMY! -Aly